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Last night, we went down to the ALLi London Meet-up to help self-publishing authors get their marketing right. For those of you who don’t know, ALLi (or The Alliance of Independent Authors) is a fantastic community of self-published authors with the motto “working together to help each other”. It’s a great knowledge-sharing hub. If you want to connect with other authors at all stages of the process, from those just starting out to some of the most successful self-published authors in the world, ALLi is well worth checking out. They have a really active Facebook group where members ask questions and share tips and experiences, and they even meet up in the real world too. We love ALLi and have been a partner member for a couple of years now (that means they have vetted us and given their seal of approval, and recommend us to their members).

Ali talking at ALLi

Get visible: Our ALLi talk

Our co-founder, Ali Dewji, was the guest speaker, and he focussed on the biggest problem authors have today: getting their work seen in an ever-crowded market. Many authors are frustrated by marketing because they are learning on the go and end up wasting time and money without seeing results. Ali has seen lots of authors struggle because they rush into their campaign without a structured plan, and consequently, they end up targeting the wrong people with the wrong message. In his informative talk, he took things right back to basics and taught authors some useful research exercises they can do to make sure they really know who exactly their target readers are. Now they can be sure they are spending their marketing resources on the group of people most likely to buy the book.

The ALLi group comprised of a mix of fiction and non-fiction authors, some of whom were still writing and others who had already published, but everyone got some valuable tips and take-homes from the session. Check out some of the ALLi members’ feedback below:


ALLi feedback

The meet-up is a monthly event, which takes place at Waterstones Piccadilly. For more information on upcoming events check out the ALLi London Meet-Up page. If you are interested in having us speak at one of your author events, please email

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