The Best Writing Courses to Make You Finish Your Novel

Writing Courses

Writing courses are one of the most coveted routes into a successful writing career. Whether it’s plot, pacing, or grammar, every writer can benefit from a course that helps them refine their talent and produce their very best work. With the help of expert tutors – sometimes accomplished teachers, and often published novelists themselves – budding writers can use writing courses to perfect their pacing, sharpen their dialogue or finally get that novel finished. More than anything, writing courses give you structure, and deadlines, and can be the best possible incentive to finishing a tricky piece of work. If you think that a writing course is exactly what you need to push you towards the finish line, we’ve compiled some of the very best below.

The Best Writing Courses to Make You Finish Your Novel

Curtis Brown Creative Writing CoursesCurtis Brown Creative

The only creative writing school run by a leading literary agency, Curtis Brown Creative was launched in 2011 by Anna Davies, who aspired to ‘find talented writers, help them to get the best out of their writing, and educate them in the ways of today’s publishing industry’. The intensive six-month novel writing course is run by experienced novelists Louise Wener, Anna Davies and Susan Fletcher, who teach students in dedicated writing workshops as well an in one-to-one tuition sessions. The skills of the tutors clearly transfer well to their students; Curtis Brown Creative has produced 16 major publishing deals for their students, and graduates include Jessie Burton, author of 2014’s huge bestseller The Miniaturist. Their next Course ‘Start to write your novel’ runs from 17th May 2017 to 27th June 2017, and costs £200. Their next six-month online novel writing course runs from 11th September 2017 to 26th February 2018, and costs £2,600.

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Unthank SchoolUnthank School Writing Courses

Based in Norwich and offering online courses as well, the Unthank School was founded in 2011 and is taught entirely by published authors, many of whom have also worked in film and television. As a part of Unthank Books, a publisher of literary fiction, the Unthank School ‘aims to bring new voices to the fore’; students are often published in Unthank’s Unthology, an anthology of exciting new writing published twice a year. Their next 25-week Writing The Novel course begins on 20th April 2017 and costs £800.

Faber Academy

Faber Academy Writing CoursesAs one of the UK’s most respected publishers, Faber & Faber launched The Faber Academy in 2008, aiming to ‘offer the best possible route towards the potential masterpiece in everyone’. Boasting a host of published authors as their tutors, such as Rowan Coleman, Anthony McGowan and Joanna Briscoe, the Faber Academy offers a wide range of courses from Getting Started: Beginner’s Fiction to Memoir and Life Writing. Courses feature one-to-one tutoring and lively peer review workshops as students are supported in their writing ventures in courses as long as six months or as short (and intensive!) as five days. The Writing A Novel course begins on 28th September 2017, and ends on 15th March 2018. The course costs £4,000.

Have you ever taken a writing course? Did it improve your writing? Let us know in the comments below. If you have managed to finished your manuscript – congratulations! The next thing to do is to put it away for a week or too and come back to it with fresh eyes and a red pen. After that, it’s time to bring the experts in. Find out more about our editorial services here.

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