Black Friday & Cyber Monday Promotions

black friday - cyber monday

You have probably seen the video footage of old ladies being trampled underfoot in supermarkets as mad bargain-hunters stampeded for TVs as a 4-day price frenzy descended upon the UK. This American phenomenon is a far cry from people queueing patiently for the annual Harrods sale to begin. However, this Black Friday/Cyber Monday business is not all bad. Retailers can use it as a tool to get more customers interested in what they have to offer, and more sales through their tills. We work carefully with various eBook retailers to ensure our books get great exposure in appropriate promotions and increase sales for our authors.

Top eBook seller Kobo have organised a big Black Friday-Cyber Monday promotion. They created a special page of their shop for the promotion and drove people towards it using social media and emailing their customers about it. We were lucky enough to have several titles featured in the following categories: fiction, crime fiction and teen/kids. Grab a bargain by heading over to Kobo’s promo page and use the code: CYBERMONDAY35 for extra savings.

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