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Just Launched: An Introduction to Witchery

This Halloween we have the perfect spooky treat for you: An Introduction to Witchery: A magical guide for witches that craft by crafter, stylist, and lover of all things witchy, Helena Garcia. Helena has developed a range of quirky fashion accessories and handmade cosmetics and has been sharing her slightly goth craft projects on her inspirational Instagram account @candycandyUK for some time – it is definitely worth checking this out for the stunning imagery. However, this Halloween, she wanted to celebrate with a gorgeous, high-quality coffee table book packed full of witch “crafts”.

This ghoulish delight ignites the inner witch with glamorous projects to add a bit of bewitching style to your wardrobe and home, as well as recipes for fiendish dinners and lotions and potions to keep you looking fang-tabulous.

Helena’s fun and quirky style draws you in from the start, as do the chic illustrations. Whether you are new to crafting or witching, or just want to celebrate Halloween in style, Helena has just the project for you.

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Helena came to self-publishing because she had had a bad experience with the traditional publishing world. She explains, “My original book was all about how Halloween developed from a Celtic festival to the celebration it has become today. It had a darker and Victorianesque feel to it, still with craft projects and recipes. Although I initially got a publishing deal, one of the other publishers I had submitted the book to (who rejected it) got an in-house writer to write a very similar book. This meant that the deal I had secured was withdrawn. I then decided to do things my way and rather than worry about making the book commercial enough to sell, I wrote it for myself, representing what I am into and my style.”

About An Introduction to Witchery

Introduction to WitcheryHelena Garcia, lifelong creative witch, stylist and crafter, welcomes you into her fascinating world of Witchery. She will inspire your inner witch in this fun yet sophisticated book packed full of fascinating facts and ghoulishly glamorous projects for your home, wardrobe and body.

Helena will guide you through a witch’s home, showing you how to add a spooky touch to yours.

In The Witch and her Wardrobe, she reveals how to give your outfits a fangtastic makeover with some bewitching accessories.

In The Witch’s Powder Room, she shows you how to mix your own potions and lotions. You’ll smell good enough to eat.

In The Witch’s Kitchen, she teaches you how to make terrifying treats, whether you just fancy a sand-witch or want to put a full themed menu together. This is where the magic happens!

In The Witch’s Living Room she will dazzle you with how easy it is to give your home an enchanting upgrade.

When she is not concocting new craft projects for you, Helena Garcia designs fashion accessories for her brand Candy Candy and develops handmade bath and beauty products for Bubble Witch Cosmetics.

This luxurious hardback edition of An Introduction to Witchery is out now and only £19.99 on Amazon or there is also an eBook edition for the witches of the tech-age – available on Kindle, iBooks and other eBook retailers.

For more information on Helena and her creations, visit www.candycandyjewellery.co.uk

Just Launched: The Snake Escape

the snake escape

We are delighted to announce the launch of this charming picture book adventure story about a snake that is determined to escape life at the zoo. The Snake Escape is the debut book from Andrew Tomlin. Although he’s never written before, he has a great imagination and often finds himself day dreaming about interesting characters and scenarios. One day, on the train, he had a random thought: what if the man sitting next to him realised his tie was actually a snake! The crazy idea took seed and before he knew it, he had written a full story about a snake who camouflages himself in ingenious ways to avoid the clutches of the zookeeper. It will have children and adults alike laughing out loud.

Andrew came to us with the story written, typed up on a few sides of A4. He then sourced an illustrator who could provide really bright, colourful, engaging images. The idea was that children should really enjoy spotting the snake in his various guises. First, we had the text proofread, then our designers clearly laid out the text and illustrations on the pages, and finally, we set up a full colour, high quality, print-on-demand edition of the book that is now live! When working with books for young children, it is important to make the reading experience as easy as possible and the illustrations and enjoyable as possible. Having large, clear text and pictures with clues to spot, The Snake Escape great fun to read with youngsters.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with I AM Self-publishing and I was very pleased with the end product. I’m looking forward to working with Leila and the team again soon on my next project.” – Andrew Tomlin


About The Snake Escape

Blake was a snake that wanted to escape, but when he slips out of the zoo, he does not realise just how tricky it is to really run away. Join Blake on his journey as he tries to stay hidden and trick everyone…

Get your copy on Amazon here.

Just launched: Where The Streets Have No Name

mia louise connorAs huge dog lovers here at I AM Self-Publishing, we were proud to help Mia-Louise Connor get her very important message about homing foreign street dogs out.

A long time coming, this thought-provoking book is Mia-Louise Connor’s debut book. As someone who fell into street dog rescue herself five years ago via a social media platform with no knowledge of the complexities owning a street dog would entail, she found herself on a huge learning curve. Mia-Louise felt that given the unexpected issues she faced, and learning that others too were in despair and enduring the same or similar issues, something fundamental was essentially missing from the process of street dog rescuing: the education. This book offers all the information she wished she’d been given when she took her dogs in. She covers everything from the practicalities, to what to expect, and potentially what can go wrong too.

Mia-Louise comments, “Many foreign street dogs end up in fabulous homes in the UK. However, many are not so fortunate and travel miles just to end up in a UK shelter. How many slip through the net and enter dog fighting circles is anyone’s guess. It’s unfair on the dogs, for whom the whole process is terrifying, even if people are acting with the best intentions. It’s also hugely unfair on the people homing them under a false apprehension that these dogs are like any regular dog. 

I want to celebrate the lives of dogs, regardless of place of origin, educate those planning on taking this route, while remaining sensitive to our home grown dog problem. I aim to encourage responsible ownership and promote greater standards outside of in-house policies for those charities homing these dogs.

Of course, we jumped at the chance to be involved in such a worthy project. Our designers created a striking cover that instantly evokes sympathy for the dog. We produced a print-on-demand paperback that has just gone live on Amazon and many other retail platforms.

“Working with I AM Self-Publishing has made this vision possible. As a first-time author, I was completely unsure of the process and order in which things were meant to run. I feel the company have given me support and guidance, which has enabled my vision to manifest into something tangible, and something that I’m very proud of.  I felt my ideas were considered and worked with throughout the process as much as possible. Nothing was ever just assumed, and I didn’t feel rushed or overwhelmed by the self-publishing process, which has been a blessing.” – Mia-Louise Connor

About Where The Streets Have No Name

A must-read for anyone who is considering homing a street dog.

There is a growing online movement around homing street dogs, but many people don’t know where to start.
This book takes the subject of street dog rescue by the horns. M. Connor comprehensively looks at the implications of homing a street dog, both for people offering a dog a place in their home, and more importantly, for the dog and the dog’s country of origin.

Based on her personal experience, this book debunks myths associated with homing street dogs and gives them a fair hearing, while remaining sensitive to the UK issue of homeless dogs. It walks potential owners through everything they need to know, from legal obligations to potential behavioural issues, and gives an insight into the work that animal charities do.

This thought-provoking book is the debut work of author Mia-Louise Connor.

For more information on the author or to check out the doggie treats and teas she sells via her own shop, visit: thefuzznpupinndogemporium.co.uk