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Kobo Daily Deal
We work closely with retailers to make sure our authors’ eBooks are in their minds when it comes to planning promotions. Today we are delighted to have one of our fantastic historical fiction titles, A Swarming of Bees, by Theresa Tomlinson selected for the Kobo Daily Deal. As the name suggests, Kobo choses just one eBook per day from a popular genre and slashes the price for 24 hours. This is a great way to push the eBook out to a whole new group of potential readers who may not have heard of the title or author before. These sorts of short-term price promotions raise the profile of a title as well as boosts sales. This is a great marketing opportunity for self-published authors.

We work hard to get our authors included in these sorts of deals across the board. Kobo is just one of the retailers we work with to secure promotional placements. Last week, another of our self-published eBooks, Stars, by Anthony Lishak, was selected by Amazon for the Kindle Daily Deal, and subsequently got to the No.1 spot. Read more about that storming up the charts here.

Any of our authors who select I_AM Managed Distribution are eligible to be put forward for any retailer promotion, which puts them one step ahead.

To get your copy of A Swarming of Bees for only 99p today click here.



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In the very same week that we celebrated Australia Day, we are celebrating Stars, by the amazing Anthony Lishak, being the top Kindle Bestseller in Australia. Today it was chosen by Amazon for the huge Kindle Daily Deal promotion. It has now rocketed up the charts to pole position – No. 1 Kindle Bestseller in the Top 1oo Paid chart.

The author has spent many years working with children in schools. He carefully researched and wrote this book to bring the actions of some amazingly brave individuals in very dangerous times alive in the minds of young readers today. It is not easy to tell children about the horrors of Nazi invasion, but by telling it through the voice of a child the author makes it accessible.

Because the story is so well told and the characters are so well drawn, this is a very moving book for adult readers too. The book has benefited from having two target markets (YA and adults) and is currently No. 1 in both the general Jewish Fiction category and also No. 1 in Children’s & YA History and Historical Fiction. Find out more about this Kindle Bestseller below:

Stars No.1 Amazon Kindle BestsellerWarsaw, September 1939. For twelve-year-old best friends, Stefan and Marcus, the zoo is their playground. Stefan lives with his family at the zoo and has grown up with the animals and their keepers. But Marcus is Jewish, and when Nazi troops invade Warsaw their world is torn apart. Against all odds and at enormous risk, their fathers devise a wild scheme to protect Marcus’s family and other Jews. But boys will be boys, and a rebellious act of revenge threatens everyone.

Inspired by the fact that hundreds of Polish Jews found shelter in the abandoned cages and underground rooms of Warsaw Zoo, Stars is a story of brotherhood, courage and above all hope in the face of adversity.

If you live down-under, grab yourself this Kindle Bestseller for only $0.99 right here. If you are in the UK, download a free Kindle sample, or get the Kindle edition for free if you are a Kindle unlimited member here.

Our eBooks in Kobo’s Christmas Sale

With huge numbers of Kindles and other tablet devices being given as Christmas presents, December and January are very important months in terms of eBook price promotion. New eReader owners are keen to load up their new toys with lots of lovely (and cheap) content, and those already using Kindles and tablets just want something good to read in their time off over Christmas or can be swayed by a bargain.

Our friends at Kobo ran a wonderful promotion over the festive period, which raised the profile of lots of our titles.Kobo Chrismas eBook promotion

The promotion was given a brightly coloured banner on the main Kobo home page, which directed eBook buyers to a  specific landing page. Kobo also sent out emails to their huge customer base to drive traffic towards the promotion. The sale was broken down in to the following categories: fiction, non-fiction, teens & kids. We were luck enough to have our titles featured in each of these sections. See a couple of our titles in the non-fiction section below:

Kobo eBook promotion