The Dragon’s Blade Wins Cover Design Award


Here’s another reason to celebrate this Christmas, one of our debut fantasy authors, Michael Miller, has just won a prestigious Gold Star Cover Design Award in the monthly TheBookDesigner.Com awards. The awards were set up by Joel Friedlander, an established book cover designer with experience in book design, advertising and graphic design, to highlight and champion best practice in self-published cover design. Every month, he gets lots of submissions, and in addition to going through them all, picking winners and handing out stars, he takes the time to give personal and professional feedback on some of the best designs.

the dragon's bladeIf you haven’t seen the awards yet, then have a look here. If you are thinking of ideas for the cover of your next book, then it’s a good idea to keep an eye on these awards to see what works and what doesn’t. When assessing The Dragon’s Blade by Michael Miller, Joel said “It’s a gorgeous design with great typography…”.

From rough sketch to award-winner

The cover design evolved from a black and white pencil sketch that the author put together. This was then passed over to our designer who enhanced, coloured and embellished the humble drawing to create something spectacular. Our designer also chose a really great font that suited the image very well. Crucially, despite being quite an intricate hand-drawn design, the image still works very well at thumbnail size (as it will appear on Amazon and other retailers).

Michael explains, “We sought a modern fantasy design for this cover – one that would covey the sense of the genre immediately whilst not being a dated looking illustration or include a character. The Dragon’s Blade, on the cover, can summon forth fire and this element is included in the design to enhance it’s impact.”

We are delighted with the results, the image looks just as good on an eReader as it does on the paperback edition.cover design award

If you would like to find out more about how our design process works, check out our design page here. Or if you would like some suggestions on what sort of cover design would be right for your project, then book in for a free self-publishing consultation right here.

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