An engaging cover design makes the difference between a browser picking up a book or walking on by. So many self-published authors let themselves down by not understanding the importance of investing in a good cover design. It is vital to know how to brief cover designers, how the cover needs to function to engage a reader and how crucial it is to have a book cover design that works at thumbnail size (as the jacket will display on retail websites such as Amazon). Whether you’re planning to print your book or distribute it as an eBook, getting the book design right is the single most important thing that you can do to attract readers.

The cover design is a crucial element of the self-publishing process, as your book cover will form the visual cornerstone of your author brand. We regularly win awards for our outstanding book cover designs and bring in expert designers for specific genres to make sure that we have the right designer working on your project.

Our experienced cover design team will manage and guide you through the whole exciting process, from the initial ideas right through to the final book cover design. This is broken down below:


We have created a comprehensive book cover design brief form to encourage you to really think about where your book will sit in the marketplace, the sort of readers you want to attract and the key elements of your story. We advise you to research the cover design styles of similar competing books and the most successful books in your genre.



Your book cover designer will deliver draft designs based on your brief and may even throw in some of their own ideas at this stage. They will then ask for your feedback and encourage you to canvass friends and family too, before taking your comments on board to create the final cover design.


Once the final book cover design has been created, we use the same fonts and design styles to typeset and format the text, as well as make consistently branded marketing materials, such as websites, bookmarks and social media profiles. This gives you a really slick, professional look.

For a more detailed look at how our design process works, please check out our cover design blog post  for a full run down with a case study.

If you would like your title to be given the full I_AM design treatment, please get in touch so we can discuss your project and create something bespoke for you.