eBook Cover Design

eBook Cover Design

Why eBook Cover Design Matters

As a self-publishing author, you need an eBook cover that will say ‘click me’ to buyers who quickly scroll through lists and lists of books on Amazon. With hundreds of new self-published titles coming to market every single day, all very attractively priced, readers are spoilt for choice, so your eBook cover design will need to work harder than ever.

Established authors with big brands don’t need to put so much pressure on the cover design, as readers have already heard of them, but for an unknown debut self-publishing author, the eBook cover design is make or break.

The eBook Cover Design Process

Creating a striking cover design for your eBook that is not only genre-appropriate and conveys the right message, but also works well when viewed the size of a postage stamp is a very niche design skill, one that our experienced design team have honed and mastered since the birth of the eBook market. Before starting work on it, the team will analyse your target readers, their buying patterns and the covers of successful titles in related Kindle charts to ensure your ideas can be transformed into a commercial eBook cover design.

Your initial ideas are then developed into draft eBook cover designs and delivered to you for feedback. Once you have had a chance to look at the rough cover designs, it’s a good idea to ask friends who read your genre what they think too. Your designer can then take all of this feedback on board to create your final eBook cover design. See some examples below of recent self-published cover design work in a number of different popular eBook genres, from romance to sci-fi to contemporary fiction.

“The cover perfectly fits the book and its genre. First reactions on seeing it range from ‘wow’ to ‘I’m jealous’. It’s amazing to see it being recognised in making the cover final of the SPFBO this year. It is down to both Rachel Lawston (one of I_AM’s designers) and I_AM Self-Publishing’s commitment to work on a piece of a project until it is just right.” – Michael Miller

Not sure what cover design might work for your eBook? Book in for a free 1:1 design consultation below and get the benefit of our years of experience.