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Designed from the off to help make you a better writer. Receive insightful feedback and a 1-on-1 meeting with your editor to discuss suggestions to improve your manuscript.



Work with talented cover designers who understand your genre, your readership and how to make your work irresistible.


Professional production

Present your content in the best way possible with reader-friendly book page layouts and glitch free eBook formatting.

What our authors say...


As an indie author, I’ve worked with I Am Self-Publishing on the editorial aspects of my series. Their creative insights on both the big-picture structural elements and the minutiae of prose and grammar have proven invaluable. Leila (my editor) always tells me what I need to know and on the rare occasion I may have challenged back, I’ve usually ended up accepting she was right all along! Each time, she certainly helped take my manuscript to another level

Steven Hayward  /  bio + cover


Working with the I Am Self-Publishing team has been a wonderful experience to say the least. They fully caught my book vision from day 1 and have stopped at nothing to make sure that was achieved, simple things like liaising with my editor and designers to achieve the best results, giving tips, reassurance and patience when I second questioned layouts, last min additions and subtractions – I_AM Self-Publishing exceeded my expectations, no wonder they came so highly recommended by many. What’s more- the affordability came second to none. THANKYOU!

Leanne Pero /  bio + cover


Once I found I Am-Self-Publishing  they seemed to completely understand what I did and didn't want my book to be. Throughout the process they have been extremely knowledgeable and supportive: giving an abundance of useful tips and advice where necessary.

 I am thrilled with the design elements of 'We Beat Leukaemia' and know that without 'I Am' I would have been navigating the world of self publishing alone and in the dark. Thank you for opening my eyes and guiding me to achieve an outstanding publication.”

Melody Berthoud / bio + cover

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Tell us a little bit about your project and we'll be able to give you some insights into how we tailor the self-publishing process to help authors like you publish their work and reach their readers. 

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