Indie Author Fringe 2016


What is Indie Author Fringe?

Indie Author Fringe (April 15th 2016) is a wonderful author-focused fringe festival to the London Book Fair. Whereas authors can feel slightly sidelined at the big international publishing trade fair, they are very much at the heart of Indie Author Fringe. In fact it is put on by authors for authors, and every single is event is FREE and geared up at helping and educating self-publishing authors. It is run by the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), a fantastic association that champions self-publishing. ALLi’s commitment to excellence and inclusiveness has set the stage for one of the most significant global online gathering of authors and author-services ever. This year, they are putting on a whopping 24 sessions in 24 hours! Needless to say, we’re rather excited to be involved.

Our Indie Author Fringe Event

On Friday 15th April I_AM Self-Publishing will be holding an online event called Are You Ready to Self-Publish? with our friend, Britt Pflüger, an experienced literary consultant at Hardy & Knox. We will be talking through everything you need to think about before you publish – from an editorial, project management and marketing perspective.

Are you ready to self-publish? Are you sure? There is so much to consider before you publish. Clue yourself up about the self-publishing process and save time and money by getting your ducks in a row before you self-publish. This will ensure you (and your readers) get the most out of the process. Join us to find out what the whole process entails and what you need to prepare for your project to be a success, including:

  • How to establish whether your manuscript is ready to publish.
  • The timeline of the self-publishing process: what needs to be done and in what order.
  • How to research your genre and competition (market, price, cover, format).
  • How to assess your target readership.
  • How to build your author platform ahead of publication.
  • How to formulate a marketing strategy.

Attendees will receive a pre-publication action plan, including checklist, as well as an invitation to a 1:1 self-publishing consultation to go through the specifics of your project.

Get a BESPOKE self-publishing PLAN from our co-founder, Ali

"Ali understood the requirements instantly and often knew my vision for the book better than I did myself." 
~ Stephen Saad, non-fiction author

Note: if you missed this event you can still catch the recording of it below:

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