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Peter Stafford-Bow has decades of experience in the international wine trade and has worked for some of the largest retailers in the world. He came to us with a satirical manuscript he had written under a nom de plume, drawing on his experiences in the world of wine buying (full of very colourful characters indeed!). Because of his background in retail, he had very commercial ideas for the sale and marketing of Corkscrew. As well as helping to produce the book, we also created a web ad for him to use on American wine blogs, and designed a special point-of-sale display unit for his book, which he can take to wine festivals. The book has already been generating some fantastic reader reviews, and is now stocked in around 30 independent bookshops in London alone. Peter is also very cleverly hosting events where readers can try several wines and listen to him read. For more information, check out his website here: www.peterstaffordbow.com.

Working with I_AM Self-Publishing on my debut novel was as pleasurable as it was professional. All the time-consuming administration, from typesetting to managing artwork, was taken care of quickly and painlessly. Leila and Ali were particularly strong on the marketing options available to self-published authors, and it’s thanks to them that my sales are off to a reassuringly strong start. I’m already discussing how I_AM Self-Publishing can help with the development of my second novel.” –  Peter Stafford-Bow

About Corkscrew

corkscrewThe highly improbable, but occasionally true, tale of a professional wine buyer​

Imagine The Wolf of Wall Street meets Sideways and you’ll get a feel for the world of Corkscrew, the bawdy satire set in the claret-guzzling, free-wheeling world of the all-powerful supermarket wine buyer.

Set in 1990’s London, the story begins as Felix, a tragic orphan, is expelled from school, cast on to the British high street, and forced to make his way in the cut-throat world of wine retail. Thanks to a positive mental attitude, he is soon forging a promising career, his sensual adventures taking him to the vineyards of Italy, South Africa, Bulgaria and Kent.

His path to the summit is littered with obstacles, however. Petty office politics, psychotic managers and the British Board of Wine & Liquor prove challenging enough. But when Felix negotiates the world’s biggest Asti Spumante deal, he bites off more than he can chew and is plunged into a vicious world of Mafiosi, people smuggling and ruthless multinationals.

Part thriller, part self-help manual, and part drinking companion, Corkscrew is a coruscating critique of neo-liberal capitalism, religious intolerance and the perils of blind tasting.

Paperback edition available on Amazon and at many independent bookshops at £9.99. eBook edition available on Kindle for £4.99.

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“The motto at I Am Self-Publishing seemed to be 'we want to get this right for you' and they did just that.”
~ Jo Mach, editor of Finding My Way books

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