Just launched: Curiosity killed the craving

IMG_20170405_091940366_HDRHaving smoked for over 40 years, Raj Fernandes had tried all sorts of methods of quitting. But no matter what he tried, the cravings would always return to haunt him. Until he discovered the power of his own mind. The journey to quit taught him to use curiosity in a positive way.

As an inveterate smoker I thought it was time to quit. And so I did. This led me to share my experience with all those struggling to quit the nasty habit  So CURIOSITY KILLED THE CRAVING was born. Central to the theme of the book are tips that help people watch their cravings in a curious, mindful way. I wish more smokers would kick the butt for good. Raj Fernandes

About “Curiosity killed the craving”

96ce23c1-59c2-2060-b877-893bf7cccc5dQuitting smoking doesn’t have to be intimidating. All attempts to overcome cravings failed until I discovered a simple technique that helped me get the better of them. The secret turned out to be my own mind. So I practiced observing the onset of cravings in a curious, mindful way. This helped me aknowledge the presence of cravings rather than struggle with them.
In this no-nonsense book, I share what has worked for me and guide you through the process from preparing to quit, to the realities of the first few days without nicotine, to making positive lifestyle changes going forward. It is full of practical tips and personal experiences. Quitting is never easy, but trust me, if I can do it anyone can. It’s a way to say goodbye to Mr. Nicotine for good.

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“Working with I_Am Publishing has been an educative and enjoyable experience. Ali & Leila work more as partners rather than suppliers. I was particularly impressed with their project management process and learned marketing advice. I would say they are an author’s best marketing ally.” Raj Fernandes

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