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Alice Beneyto has been a life-long music fan, and listened to the radio constantly with her brother when growing up. Her early (and diverse) record collection included the likes of Bob Marley, Bob Dylan and Velvet Underground. Recently, she became interested in and perplexed by the modern obsession with fame and celebrity, and it is that that inspired her debut novel: Elvis in London.

Alice came to us with a finished manuscript, but needed help with the cover design, as well as producing an eBook and paperback. Our designers got to work straight away, to create something iconic and bold that would instantly be recognisable as Elvis. Then we typeset the text, using the same fun font on the cover for the chapter headings, before creating the paperback and eBook editions for her.

To have all I Am Self-Publishing’s know-how under one virtual roof was reassuring and essential for me as a debut author. There are so many things to take into consideration for what the book actually looks like, from the cover illustration to the typeface and paper quality, and I Am Self-Publishing guided me through the choices. It is worth investing in their expert support. You’ve put all that effort into writing a book, you want it to look first-class once it’s published.” – Alice Beneyto

About Elvis in London

Elvis In London

In many ways, Eddie is an average working class Londoner. He’s into music, partying, and his motorbike. He is laid-back, charming and knows the streets of Soho inside out. And he has a sensational secret. Winning an impersonation competition as Elvis Presley changes Eddie’s life. He is fast-tracked to fame. The media can’t get enough of him and neither can his fans. His electrifying gigs become the hottest tickets in town, and he gets hooked on the power he commands over an audience.

Eddie is torn. The bigger his fame and ego grow, the harder it is to keep his secret. But if he tells the truth, will anyone believe him? Will the media and his fans still adore him? For Eddie is the reincarnation of Elvis Presley.

One bad decision and he could lose everything and everyone he loves. This fast-paced novel will make you laugh, sing and question the cult of celebrity worship.

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Find out more about Alice Beneyto on her website: http://alicebeneyto.com/ or check her out on twitter @alicebeneyto



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