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Like many authors, A. J. Justin had been working on his story in one way or another for a very long time. In fact, it began life over ten years before, as part of a creative writing project that became part of his final piece at university. The initial concept was simply about a young girl walking through a forest, who stumbles upon a clearing. In the clearing, a warrior kneels, crying. The reader doesn’t know who the girl is or what she’s doing; who the warrior is or why he’s crying – and neither did the author at that point.

Having developed the characters, themes, and his writing style for many years throughout the story-telling process, A. J. Justin was finally ready to self-publish. But having spent so long getting the story absolutely perfect, he wanted to make sure the publication of his book would be would be perfect too. He needed to feel that his “baby” was in professional hands.

“The self-publishing process is daunting. As authors, we’ve spent so long trying to perfect our work that the thought of then leaving the final stage in somebody else’s hands is utterly terrifying. I looked at about five other self publishing companies before I found I Am Self-Publishing. They were the only ones who seemed willing to tailor a package to my specific needs, which incidentally made for a much cheaper quote than I’d received from others.  I Am Self-Publishing walked me through every stage of the process, and when I was finally able to hold my book tightly and proudly in both hands, it made it all worthwhile. This was my first of three novels in a series and I look forward to working with I Am Self-Publishing again for the other two.” – A. J. Austin


About The Inner Lands: Something Stirs Volume 1

A. J. Justin


For centuries, the mountainous borders of the Inner Lands had kept the monstrous Grinth at bay, and people had finally found peace. But their complacency would be their undoing, for everything was about to change. As their world falls apart around them, an unlikely bond between a young girl, beaten by her father, and a conflicted warrior, haunted by his tragic past, could well seal the fate of all humanity.

As they fight for their survival, a final battle looms. But before they can stand a chance against the Grinth, they’ll first have to conquer their own pasts. Will friendship and strength prevail? Or will the cunning and cruelty of evil twist the world into turmoil? Nothing is certain in the Inner Lands.

When Fallor called a meeting for the entire Hillock village, little did Sill know that it was just the beginning in a series of events that would reshape everything she knew about their small world. The banishing of her abusive father frees her to embark on a journey of her own. One in which she encounters incredible natural wonders like the Moonmirror Peak, mysterious people like Draneth the shaman and his hawk, Tamarellin, strange men with stranger eyes; and the mighty Rydan Fort, built into the side of a mountain.

It could have been the adventure of her dreams, were it not for the monstrous creatures that pursue her all the way; bringing death, destruction and tragedy to everything and everyone she grows to cherish. The power she kept a secret for so long is too much for her young mind to handle but she’ll have to learn how to wield it, and quickly, if she’s to survive in this harsh new world.

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