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Jane is a successful traditionally published author of books drenched in sunshine that just scream out to be packed in your suitcase and taken on holiday. Although books 1 and 2 in her Catalonia Trilogy were published the traditional way, she approached us because she wanted to try self-publishing for the third book. She wanted to experience a different way of doing things, and to be in the driving seat of the whole process, and specifically to have control of the marketing herself. Having been traditionally published she had seen the importance of strong marketing and wanted to get involved with things like Facebook ads herself. We proofread her wonderful story, produced a summery cover for her, published the paperback and have given her some 1:1 marketing advice too. If you want to escape into the perfect summer sunshine read, check out Mediterranean Summer.

About Mediterranean Summer (Book 3 in the Catalonia Trilogy)

Mediterranean Summer‘Beautiful artist, beautiful woman, and beautiful lover.’

May 1968 and Paris is hot with rebellion, passion and hope, as protestors clash with the riot police. Brilliant art student Laure stands boldly on the barricades, heady with her new-found defiance, and is swept into romance with Lolo, the fascinating student leader. But youthful rebellion comes at a cost.
Two months later, the excitement is over. Laure heads home for the summer to Vermeilla, her picturesque Mediterranean village. She looks forward to the simplicity of village life, and to a summer in the sun with family and friends, but is aware that the new Laure may shock her little Catalan community.
But even Vermeilla isn’t protected from the forces of change. Shadows hang over both Laure and her village haven. Can she battle the menace that has followed her from Paris? And can she trust Robert, the aloof lawyer who may be the only one who can keep her safe?

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‘A really beautiful story that transported me away to a place I have never been, but yet I feel will now always be a part of me. Gorgeous.’   Vine Voice reviewer Beanie Luck

About Jane MacKenzie

Jane MacKenzie has lived and worked in many far flung corners of the world, including Gambia, Bahrain, Papua New Guinea and Switzerland. Having built her own business and enjoyed a spell working at CERN in Geneva, Jane realised her dream of writing. She splits her time between the Scottish Highlands and Roussillon in the South of France, the region which inspired Daughter of Catalonia.

To find out more about Jane Mackenzie – check out her fantastic website: janemackenzie.co.uk

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