Just Launched: Quirkswood Avenue

We are delighted to announce the launch of Quirkswood Avenue by Jack Daniel Birch. Jack approached us with a collection of short stories that each had an element of the dark and mysterious. Although he had spent a long time crafting his stories, he knew he needed the fresh perspective of a proofreader to help tidy up the little niggles that he had become too close to the story to see for himself.

Whilst we proofread his stories, one of our top designers got to work on his atmospheric cover. Jack Daniel Birch had quite a strong idea of what he wanted the feel of the cover to be. We worked closely with him to develop that very early stage idea into a really striking and intriguing cover design.

“Working with I_AM to put my first eBook out there was a great experience. When I first saw the front cover proofs, it became clear that my ideas had been heard and we were on the same page. The final cover perfectly captures the aesthetic I had in mind and makes for an eye catching design. The team were very helpful and always supportive with any questions I had, and I’m thrilled with the final result.” – Jack Daniel Birch

About Quirkswood Avenue

quirkswood avenueThe Little Fisherman: A strange fish is lurking in the ocean near Ivory Port, and its captor is promised riches beyond their wildest dreams. A young boy named Ralph Randall sets out to find it and save his family from destitution, but instead finds himself ensnared in the insidious company of Kallidus Kreed.

Meeting Marilyn: Nate goes for walks to escape the troubles of adolescence, and sits atop a mountain by the coast to collect his thoughts. Ordinarily, there’s no one else up there, except for the time he meets Marilyn and it becomes clear that things are not as they seem.

A Rose and a Darcy: Rose does her best to keep it together in the job she hates, while her boss, Dean, does everything he can to break her. When her psychiatrist, Miranda, provides a stress relief toy to help combat her anxiety, peculiar things begin to happen.

The Ballad of Dusty Rockwell: Dusty works at a movie theatre and dreams of moving to Hollywood and making it to the big screen, until he meets Nancy and her brother, Max. When opportunity strikes, he must choose between his relationship and his aspirations. Charlie and Chad, two teenage movie fanatics, get caught up in the aftermath and find themselves in another dimension.

Quirkswood Avenue is available now on Amazon.

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