Just launched: Salvage

Peter Apsley came to us with a high-action thriller that he’d been working on for sometime. He knew that  it had really commercial appeal so wanted to self-publish in the best way possible. He worked with our design team to create a really dramatic cover that depicts one of the key scenes in the story. We then produced an eBook for him, and helped him set up distribution accounts with both Kindle and Ingram Spark.

Thanks to Leila and Ali for making the journey from page to market very easy. Self publishing is the great democratic revolution in publishing – but it helps a bunch to have expert help in getting into the right format and the right market.” – Peter Apsley

About Salvage

salvage self-published by peter apsleyChris Hammond is a twenty-first century investigator whose job is to recover money lost by clients, where legal procedures are no use. Hammond has just been tasked with recovering a ransom handed over after the kidnapping of two young women.

Helped by one of the victims, his search takes him to France, as he follows a trail backwards from the man who paid the ransom to the kidnappers themselves. The inter-connections are more complicated than he expected, and the kidnappers violent. He also needs to play a careful game with the police if he has any chance of getting the money back rather than seeing it tied up for years in the courts.

Can he weave his way through the dangers to recover his client’s cash?

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