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David Mole has had a very impressive career before starting work on his debut novel, The Savaging. He is a serial entrepreneur and has had successful businesses in everything from healthcare to transport. But unlike most businessmen, he started off as a high school chaplain. He has studied theology, and spent time with those at the top of the Church power structure. He has also taken part in various humanitarian expeditions to Central and South America. It’s fair to say, he has a pretty 360-degree view of the world today, which make his ideas and explorations of the darker side of society so fascinating.

In his debut novel, The Savaging, he wanted to explore ideas around both the power play between Church and State, and also our modern-day dependence on pharmaceuticals. The latter being something he feels particularly strongly about, having seen the effects of soaring drug addiction in his native Canada.

Given that he’s not a man to do things by halves, he undertook an awful lot of careful research before choosing the best publisher for the project he had spent so much time and energy perfecting, looking at options in his native Canada and here in the UK.

David Mole explains why he chose to work with us

David Mole

“One night, after talking that morning with the ever-enchanting, Oxford-trained Leila Dewji, straight out of Hogwarts, I made the call – ALL IN: I AM Self-Publishing would be the home of The Savaging. Why? It was simple – passion, purpose, and clear-sighted resolve to task. Publishing is changing, there’s no denying it, and I_AM Self-Publishing is at the forefront of the future.

“Every step of the way, I was affirmed in my decision, from the clear-cut contract process with tangible deliverables, to a very personal, passionate, and hands on editing process. A few months in, I found myself on a conference call with Leila, literally debating the heart and soul of this story, she seemingly just as passionate as me with every little detail, character, and plot structure. I_AM’s editing process is world class. Ali’s creative interpretation along the way was succinct and timely, summed up by a captivating book-trailer (see below), which captures the true spirit of this 3 book series.

“Writing can be the loneliest of endeavours at that best of times; working with I_AM Self-Publishing reminded me constantly that great things happen one sentence at a time – with resolve and tenacity. If you can dream, as we all do, you can write the greatest of things. Let the I_AM team draw it out as they did for me. Their persistence and commitment to any project is infectious. My next project will soon be sent their way.”

About The Savaging

The savagingThe greatest scientific leap in history has been made… unleashed in one tiny little “remedy”.

Its creator, billionaire playboy Dr. Fabian Fichtinger, is set to become a global superpower with his new “Trinity Therapy”, soon to be released. The government, the church, and the good scientists at Harvard University can do nothing to stop him from creating superhuman… addicts. They might even be involved.

Tes is one such scientist, with his own special research in genetics. Although the ultimate 23-year-old thoroughbred – intellectually, physically, athletically – he’s always known there was something just not right inside. When Fichtinger becomes obsessed with him, he knows he’s in great danger.

No country is safe; no market prepared; no hospital ready. What is to come will bring modern civilization to its knees. Everything rests with Tes, and his secret. Luckily, he’s not alone. Help comes in the form of a drunk, PTSD suffering ex-soldier called Royce, who was once part of an elite secret troop: The Savage Seven.

Can he get his former squad back together? Can this ragtag bunch of once-great fighters get clean, get organized and get tough? Are they too late? Is anything what it seems?

Reviews of The Savaging

“…If Orwell (1984), Huxley (Brave New World) and Brown (Angels and Demons) had a twisted love child… This would be it.” – Chloe S (Stutgart)

“…A Tom Clancy / David Baldacci style novel that kept me reading almost non-stop until 2AM”  – Douglas Goodhue 

“…an absolute page turner ; frightening to the end.” Michael Alexander 

To find out more about David and download your free chapter, visit his website – thesavaging.com



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