Just Launched: The Snake Escape

the snake escape

We are delighted to announce the launch of this charming picture book adventure story about a snake that is determined to escape life at the zoo. The Snake Escape is the debut book from Andrew Tomlin. Although he’s never written before, he has a great imagination and often finds himself day dreaming about interesting characters and scenarios. One day, on the train, he had a random thought: what if the man sitting next to him realised his tie was actually a snake! The crazy idea took seed and before he knew it, he had written a full story about a snake who camouflages himself in ingenious ways to avoid the clutches of the zookeeper. It will have children and adults alike laughing out loud.

Andrew came to us with the story written, typed up on a few sides of A4. He then sourced an illustrator who could provide really bright, colourful, engaging images. The idea was that children should really enjoy spotting the snake in his various guises. First, we had the text proofread, then our designers clearly laid out the text and illustrations on the pages, and finally, we set up a full colour, high quality, print-on-demand edition of the book that is now live! When working with books for young children, it is important to make the reading experience as easy as possible and the illustrations and enjoyable as possible. Having large, clear text and pictures with clues to spot, The Snake Escape great fun to read with youngsters.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with I AM Self-publishing and I was very pleased with the end product. I’m looking forward to working with Leila and the team again soon on my next project.” – Andrew Tomlin


About The Snake Escape

Blake was a snake that wanted to escape, but when he slips out of the zoo, he does not realise just how tricky it is to really run away. Join Blake on his journey as he tries to stay hidden and trick everyone…

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