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We are absolutely delighted to launch The Computer Code Mystery, Book 1 in the Celia Science & Anna Art series, about a couple of clever girls with an uncanny knack for problem solving. The book was a joint effort by an American dad and two-daughter team (8 and 6 years old respectively), and a great example of what can be achieved by teamwork, both ours and theirs ;).

A Self-Publishing Family

Dad, Justin, says, “I was looking for a way to connect with my daughters as they got older, and in the cold, snowy winter when we could not go outside much, Pittsburgh is a tough place to live in December to February.” But that’s not the whole story; his eldest daughter (8 years old) became an avid reader but, he remembers, “She started to complain that most of the mysteries she was reading featured boys solving mysteries about science and girls solving mysteries about clothes and friends and less technical things. We decided that together, we could create some female characters who would tackle mysteries that were more technical.”

That was their challenge, and they tackled it head-on! We helped Justin get his project up and running. We proofread the text, typeset the pages to include their fantastic illustrations and a digital-looking font for all the code extracts, designed a cover that could be adapted to work for the whole series and produced a paperback and eBook edition.

The process has been a fun way for the family to bond and of course learn along the way. They now have a book that they can be really proud of. Justin’s eldest daughter comments, “My favorite part was reading the book in the different versions, and watching it change with each version.  Also, I liked to talk to my dad about the story and helping to change the characters and the story as it went.” His youngest daughter also really enjoyed the process: “I learned that working together, we make the best progress.” She also got to act out some of the scenes for the audio version, which she loved (although she didn’t love having to do the same bit over and again!). What a great family!

“Working with I_AM Self-Publishing is fantastic; it is like having all the talent and experience of a large publisher but geared specifically towards the needs and optimization of producing and selling indie books. I will definitely use them again for my future books.” – Justin Taylor (Dad and main author)

celia-science-selfpublishingThe Computer Code Mystery

Celia (11) and Anna (7) are inquisitive sisters who solve problems – usually with a new invention. When a mid-winter blizzard forces their school to shut down, they figure out how to amp up the family computer. Their favorite game becomes a supercharged adventure unleashing a chain of events involving the FBI, hidden computer code, a vile villain in a clifftop hideout, and three captive dolphins with a score to settle. Can the sisters crack the code in time to prevent the cyber-crime of the decade?

Download your Kindle edition for £0.99/$0.99 for a limited time only on Amazon or download your free audio book here: http://celiascience.com/book1 to hear this family tell their story.

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