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Award-winning Guardian commentator, Dave Hill, came to us in April with an ambitious idea of publishing a book on the London mayoral election just after the results were announced. He explained that although he had written and researched most of the book, Zac versus Sadiq, the final chapter could not be written until after the results came in. It would then be a rush to publish. We knew it would be a very tight schedule, but we are always game for a challenge! Our design team started work on the cover straight away, so we had that ready before the election itself. Luckily, as a journalist, Dave Hill is very used to working to tight deadlines and managed to deliver the final manuscript within a week of the election.

“I delivered the final manuscript on a Monday morning and, despite my neurotic insistence on then tweaking this or that sentence or treble checking this or that minor fact, and despite my complete cluelessness with all forms of modern technology, they had the finished thing processing on Kindle by that Thursday evening.” – Dave Hill, author.

If you have a project you need to turn around in a hurry, please get in touch to see what we can do for you. Don’t wait until you have everything ready, as there are elements of the process, such as the cover design and title set-up, that we can be getting on with whilst you finish your manuscript. To find out just how speedy we can be, email hello@iamselfpublishing.com.

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Zac versus SadiqSome thought it would be a dull affair. But the contest between multi-millionaire Conservative Zac Goldsmith and Labour’s council estate-raised Sadiq Khan to become London’s new mayor in May 2016 was never that. Instead, it became a fierce, sometimes bitter and yet illuminating one, set amid the British capital’s stubborn poverty, towering wealth, triumphant growth and nagging fears about Islamist terror.

Dave Hill is the Guardian’s award-winning London commentator. He followed the fight through every round.

“There is a reporter in the room. He’s a good one: Dave Hill from the Guardian.” – Ken Livingstone (London Mayor 2000-2008).

“No one could be better placed than Dave Hill to provide an insightful account and analysis of the 2016 battle for London.” – Tony Travers, Professor of Government, London School of Economics.

“Dave Hill is always right.” – Boris Johnson (London Mayor 2008-2016).

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