Just Published: 100 Words That Make You Sound Thai

ipadLike quite a few of our authors, Stephen Saad wrote the book he wished existed. Having lived in Thailand for a little while, he’d moved on from the beginners’ guides and wanted to learn the words and phrases that would make him sound more like a local. When we learn foreign languages, we often learn the really formal things that don’t necessarily help you to strike up a casual conversation with a native, who might use slang, take liberties with the punctuation, have a more casual pronunciation etc.

Using every chance he could to practice the language and get chatting to regular people, he has carefully researched and compiled a list of the key words that help you sound less like a language text book and more like a native.

The book features English, Thai and phonetics, which all had to be clearly colour coded in the page layouts.


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100 Words That Make You Sound Thai

Stephen Saad has spent over ten years working, living and travelling in Thailand. He never found a book that is neither a beginner’s basic book nor a weighty academic tome, but a book that explains the Thai you hear every day in Thailand. So he wrote one!

• Learn the phrases that are key to expressing yourself in everyday situations; not basic nouns and verbs you already know but the other words you need to construct sentences and sound credible in Thai.

• Gain insight into words through tips and indicator icons – a totally new and unique tool to impart insight into Thai words; learn the words with ‘Thai-ness’ to instantly impress.

• Extensive advice on not just what to learn but how to learn Thai!

Find out more about Stephen Saad and his book at his website here.

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