Just Launched: The Yellow Bird

yellow bird self-publishedVisual artist, Sebastian May, approached us a few months ago as he had developed some of his animal illustrations into a children’s book. Although animals have featured in his artwork for some years now, this is the first time he has developed them specifically for children. This gave him the freedom to be a bit more lighthearted and have fun with them. The project became The Yellow Bird, a short story about making friends and protecting animals. Given that the illustrations really make the story, print quality and making sure the colours came out well was very important. You can now use print-on-demand technology to print fantastic quality colour books, and easily sell them all over the world.


“I_AM Self-Publishing’s professional attitude and portfolio of previously published books impressed me and was my reason for working with them. As this was my first book project, I_AM Self-Publishing took the time to guide me through the entire process and answer my questions. They helped me look at the different options available to me, and ultimately helped me create a unique and beautiful first book.” Sebastian May

About Yellow Bird

yellow bird selfpublish

Yellow Bird is a short story for children about Diego the Deer and the importance of making new friends. It brings to life 16 unique illustrations, designed to entertain and educate young children about our relationship with wildlife and the environment. All illustrations are based on the author’s work as a visual artist, and have been designed to help children learn about the importance of friendship and facts about different animals. Discover many different characters, including Diego the Deer, Tina and Toni the Turtles, Hugo the Whale, and learn about the animal kingdom in a fun and light-hearted way.

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For more information on Sebastian May’s fascinating work, check out website at www.sebastianmay.com

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