Kindle Cover Disasters – Don’t Be One

Kindle Cover DisastersThe Kindle Cover Disasters blog was recently picked up by the Guardian newspaper. God only knows how they found it, but it has caused quite a stir in the self-publishing world. For those of you who have not yet had the pleasure, you can visit the blog here: Kindle Cover Disasters. Basically, it is a collection of very bad kindle covers (that’s actually an understatement). They either totally fail to attract readers, use awful artwork, are incomprehensible at thumbnail size or are just simply incomprehensible.

Cover design matters. Think people don’t judge books by their cover? You’re wrong.

  • People browsing on Amazon and other retailers make decisions on whether to click or keep scrolling in seconds, if not split-seconds, so you need to fight harder than ever to get their attention and stick out over the competition (in a good way).
  • It’s not just the readers but also the merchadisers at the retailers that decide which titles to include in promotions – of course they don’t want to put the spotlight on a book or eBook that looks inferior, it would reflect badly on their brand.
  • If something looks really cheap, people won’t be prepared to pay very much for it.
  • A badly executed cover sends a message to the reader that your work is badly executed, and that you haven’t bothered to make an effort.
  • Your cover design is the cornerstone of your author brand and will be your visual message wherever you are promoting yourself. It should be used in your social media profiles, bookmarks, events posters, business cards, etc., so take time to get it right.

In our latest guest post for the wonderful Writers & Artists’ blog, which you can read here, we show you just how wrong some authors get it and teach you how to avoid those fatal errors of the Kindle Cover Disasters.

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