The Chase Quiz Book Selected for Amazon Kindle Exclusives

Kindle Exclusives

Amazon’s Kindle Exclusives is a great promotional page, which Amazon uses to show off some of their best exclusive titles (currently, Amazon boast over 500,000 titles that you won’t find anywhere else, so only the absolute cream of the crop make it to this highlights page). Amazon insiders tell us that lots of readers like the idea of reading eBooks before they go on a general mass-market release, so look no further than Amazon’s Kindle Exclusives page when looking for their next read.

We are delighted that one of our non-fiction titles, The Chase Quiz Book: Can You Beat the Chasers?, which we have produced in partnership with ITV, has been selected for the prestigious Featured Exclusives banner that appears near the top of the page. Prominent placing on such a high-traffic page of Amazon’s site is a fantastically effective way to let lots of potential eBook-buyers know about the title and tempt them to make a purchase.

But it’s not just Amazon promotions that are important. We work closely with the merchandisers at all the major online retailers to get our authors’ eBooks in as many promotions as possible. We do this because it is a vital marketing tactic to increase visibility and drive up sales, the number of reader reviews (do not underestimate how important this is), and chart positions. Kindle Exclusives is just one of the many promotional spots that we regularly pitch for on behalf of our authors. We also get our authors’ titles promoted in daily deals, seasonal promotions and flash sales such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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