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We have recently become involved in the Kingston University Publishing MA course, run by the leading voice of academic research into self-publishing, Alison Baverstock. Alison has over 25 years publishing experience, but her particular area of expertise is self-publishing. She recently produced a study into the motivation and satisfaction levels within self-publishing and commented that it was her most enjoyable project because all the authors that she spoke to seemed genuinely happy about the process and pleased with the result.

Alison’s ground-breaking research showed that the stereotypical view of a self-published author was pretty far from the truth. “Of those interviewed for my study, 65% of self-publishers were women. Nearly two-thirds were aged 41 to 60, with a further 27% aged over 61. Half were in full-time employment, 32% had a degree and 44% a higher degree. According to my research, self-publishers tend predominantly to be educated and busy, and not self-publishing in retirement, bitter from a lifetime’s disappointment from the traditional industry.” A Guardian article on this report can be read here.

This is not entirely surprising , but studies such as this do get the rest of the industry (prizes, retailers etc.) to rethink attitudes on self-publishing, which have already come an awfully long way.

Kingston University Needs You

Currently, we are supervising a Kingston University Publishing MA student who is using her dissertation to continue Alison’s fantastic self-publishing research. She has put together a quick questionnaire and we would love you to click below and answer her questions. The more data we can gather about what self-publishing authors are thinking/doing now, the better more accurate and useful the compiled data will be. So please give us a few minutes of your time to help Kingston University get some up-to-the-minute data on self-publishing.

Start the survey here.


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