Kobo Daily Deal
We work closely with retailers to make sure our authors’ eBooks are in their minds when it comes to planning promotions. Today we are delighted to have one of our fantastic historical fiction titles, A Swarming of Bees, by Theresa Tomlinson selected for the Kobo Daily Deal. As the name suggests, Kobo choses just one eBook per day from a popular genre and slashes the price for 24 hours. This is a great way to push the eBook out to a whole new group of potential readers who may not have heard of the title or author before. These sorts of short-term price promotions raise the profile of a title as well as boosts sales. This is a great marketing opportunity for self-published authors.

We work hard to get our authors included in these sorts of deals across the board. Kobo is just one of the retailers we work with to secure promotional placements. Last week, another of our self-published eBooks, Stars, by Anthony Lishak, was selected by Amazon for the Kindle Daily Deal, and subsequently got to the No.1 spot. Read more about that storming up the charts here.

Any of our authors who select I_AM Managed Distribution are eligible to be put forward for any retailer promotion, which puts them one step ahead.

To get your copy of A Swarming of Bees for only 99p today click here.


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