Our eBooks in Kobo’s Christmas Sale

With huge numbers of Kindles and other tablet devices being given as Christmas presents, December and January are very important months in terms of eBook price promotion. New eReader owners are keen to load up their new toys with lots of lovely (and cheap) content, and those already using Kindles and tablets just want something good to read in their time off over Christmas or can be swayed by a bargain.

Our friends at Kobo ran a wonderful promotion over the festive period, which raised the profile of lots of our titles.Kobo Chrismas eBook promotion

The promotion was given a brightly coloured banner on the main Kobo home page, which directed eBook buyers to a  specific landing page. Kobo also sent out emails to their huge customer base to drive traffic towards the promotion. The sale was broken down in to the following categories: fiction, non-fiction, teens & kids. We were luck enough to have our titles featured in each of these sections. See a couple of our titles in the non-fiction section below:

Kobo eBook promotion

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