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Valentine’s Day is not only a time to reflect on all the love in your life, but also a great opportunity to promote your novel. When was the last time you read a novel that did not contain a love story or love interest? Or what was the last film you watched that did not contain a love story (even ogres and comic book heroes are getting slushy these days). There is a reason that everyone from Shakespeare to Austin to Mills & Boon creates a gripping love story: dramatic tension. Think what Pride & Prejudice would be without the will-she/won’t she tension.

Over the Valentine’s week all the major retailers are keen to promote romantic fiction. During this time they give it a lot more attention than normal and go out of their way to direct customers to it. We have capitalised upon this to get three fantastic titles on to the Kobo Valentine’s Day promotion, which runs from 9th February – 15th February.

Crystal Book 1 in the Glassmaker’s Saga is the first in a series set in the nineteenth century following Christina Henzel, who inherits her fathers glassmaking factory at a time when women (even those reasonably well to-do) had it quite tough.

Frogs and Lovers was described by SHE Magazine as “A comic, uncorny update of the old fairy tale about the princess who marries a no-hope nerd.” 

Dear Sister follows the tales of two sisters retched apart by war.

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