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Marketing is a crucial part of the self-publishing process, and where many authors let themselves down. There are thousands of great books on Amazon that nobody knows about because they have not been marketed well (if at all). Having a well-edited and beautifully designed product is not enough – you need to create a plan to drive interest towards it. All that time and effort spent crafting your work will be wasted if no one ever finds out about it. How do you make yours stand out? Where do you even start? We have seen authors waste time and money on activities that have not resulted in sales and have also seen what works really well.

Many companies offer to write you a press release and design you a website or a social media profile, but these things are pointless unless you know how to use them to raise your online profile and increase your author platform. In our I_AM Professional package, we not only give you all the materials you need, but we also teach you how to use them properly. You will be enrolled on our interactive online course that will guide you through the minefield of book promotion, covering both modern and tried-and-tested traditional approaches, giving you the confidence to conquer your campaign.

The key is to be prepared, start early and have a well-thought-out plan of attack.



Our online course is a comprehensive, interactive resource designed for all authors, regardless of their marketing experience. It includes videos, exercises, downloadable templates and resources packed full of helpful tips, tricks and links. Although we encourage you to begin marketing as soon as you can, there is no time pressure; the course is just full of useful information for you to digest at your own pace. You will learn how to: identify and find your target readership; polish and personalise your pitch; contact the media; get reviews; use your marketing materials; edit and update your website, blog and social media; create relevant and engaging content for these platforms to raise your online profile; put together successful events; gain book club support and more.


We work closely with you to identify the image that you want to give off, both for yourself as an author and for your book; the impression you want to give potential readers and how you want them to feel and react. Then we create a brand design that encompasses this, which is used across your jacket and all other outward communications and marketing materials. This results in you looking really slick and professional in everything you do, from emailing your press releases to broadsheet journalists to handing out bookmarks amongst friends.


We design your website in perfect harmony with your brand. As a website has many elements to build and develop, there are lots of opportunities to extend the themes of your work to provide a sensory experience and additional content. We work with you to establish what you want to use your website for - whether you want to sell signed copies directly, give away spin-off novellas, provide press materials, blog, consolidate your online activity, detail information about your events, offer extra material (images, maps, videos, links, etc.) or anything else - and build it to your requirements. See one of our sites here.


Our video team continue your brand concept into a short promotional trailer for your book. Internet users are often busy (or impatient) and a book trailer is a great way to squeeze a lot into a small timeframe. We can produce trailers to introduce the feel of your work, build excitement or suspense, give away content or give a clear call to action. A good book trailer makes you look professional and is a great way to generate interest in your work, even before it is published.  See one here.


Journalists are very busy and are used to information being given to them quickly and in a specific way in press releases. You have a very short window to sell your book and impress them. Writing tight, snappy copy is a skill in itself. Our experts, with press room experience, know just how to deliver this. We also provide ready-to-use content. Journalists love an interview so we work with you to create a really interesting, original Q&A as well as including a juicy extract from the book. This means that should they want to run a piece at short notice, they have everything they need to pull something together.


We have developed relationships with retailers that you can benefit from. We regularly submit titles for retailer promotions such as the Kindle Monthly and Daily Deals and Kobo's seasonal promotions, and are approached by retailers when ad-hoc and genre specific promotions arise. We will put your title forward for anything suitable. Find out more about promotions here. We can also set your work up for pre-order, allowing you to generate a pre-launch buzz.


We understand how to use metadata to make your title more discoverable to browsers on retailer websites. Metadata includes everything from basic bibliographical data (title, ISBN, genre, etc.) to specific keywords and associations that people would search for to find titles like yours. Knowing exactly what information to provide, how to work the system and how to piggy-back off current trends is essential to increasing the visibility of your title online. Find out more here.


We talk to you to find out which marketing materials will be the most useful for your campaign. Depending on what you have planned, we will design eye-catching and attention-grabbing materials to whatever format and specification needed. We will design two of the following for you: poster, flyer, bookmark, business card, banner or postcard. When used properly, well-designed marketing materials not only make you look like a pro, but also drive interest towards your title.