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Rohini signing books along with some of her 'leading ladies'

Rohini signing books along with some of her ‘leading ladies’

Rohini Rathour came to us at a point when she was undergoing a career shift. Having had a high-flying corporate career for over two decades, she decided that she wanted to work on a more personal level and help and inspire individuals to achieve their potential as a life coach. She has great business knowledge, and has long been fascinated by entrepreneurs. As she started researching, she found that a lot of the existing books focussed on male entrepreneurship. She wanted to self-publish a book that shone a light on some fantastic female achievements.

Leading Ladies, her inspirational book, focusses on a selection of very relatable women across a range of industries all over the world. These ‘ordinary’ women had different motivations for starting up, but share a common drive and determination. As you read their stories, you will probably recognise something of yourself, and learning how they did it will give you the confidence to step out on your own.

Our co-founder, Leila Dewji, is very honoured to be one of the ‘leading ladies’ featured in the book. Her chapter explains how she could see the opportunities of self-publishing and the growth of digital publishing, at a time when traditional publishing was really struggling.
Leila comments, “What great company I’m in – the women in this book are absolutely incredible.

I_AM's Leila, speaking at leading ladies

I_AM’s Leila Dewji, speaking at the Leading Ladies launch

They have overcome challenges, found their niche and bravely gone it alone. I really hope this book will empower those who have an idea at the back of their mind but haven’t quite had the confidence to make it happen.”

Rohini held a launch party, where she invited a few of her ‘leading ladies’ to come and share their inspirational experiences with the audience. Leila was on the panel, along with Avril Hitman, founder of Magpie Dance Company (a dance company for children with special needs), Tia Moin, a HR consultant who set up on her own after having a child, and Rohini herself. It was great fun and there was a lot of positive energy in the room!

“Becoming a self-published author is not that different from becoming an entrepreneur or a small business owner.  First you follow your heart and do the thing you love (write that book), then you find you have to learn to do things that take you out of your comfort zone (like marketing and self-promotion) that are necessary if you are to make a success of the one thing you do love, your book. I was fortunate to have discovered I_AM Self-Publishing’s services, which were worth every penny I paid them. I would urge anyone looking to self-publish to view getting professional help as an investment, not just a cost.” Rohini Rathour

Leading Ladies: Inspiring stories of women who found their purpose with passion

Leading LadiesHave you ever felt trapped in a job? Has life dealt you a blow, forcing you to rethink the way you live? Have you wanted to start something new, but let the fear of failure hold you back?

In 2015, I quit the world of finance to focus on my family and find a new challenge. It was not easy, but it felt like the right decision.

Here, I share the inspirational stories of 32 women who bravely strove out on their own and followed their hearts. These are ordinary women who made courageous decisions to change their lives. They represent different age groups, life experiences and aspirations, yet the one thing they all have in common is passion and a strong sense of purpose.

Learn from each woman’s unique experience and perspective. They each offer you personal insight, discuss the challenges they have had to overcome, and also share some of the things they wish they’d known at the start.

This book will change the way you view your life and energise you to take that next step with confidence.

Buy the paperback or download a free Kindle sample on Amazon here.

For more information on Rohini Rathour, visit her Facebook page.

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