Just Launched: Take Control by Leanne Pero

As a successful entrepreneur (named as one of the UKs TOP 50 female entrepreneurs), it was no surprise that Leanne Pero came to us knowing exactly what she wanted. She already had some areas covered, but needed help with typesetting, eBook production and bringing it all together. She can now add ‘professionally published author’ to her long list of accomplishments.

Working with Ali and the I_AM Self-Publishing team has been a wonderful experience to say the least. They fully caught my book vision from day 1 and have stopped at nothing to make sure that was achieved, simple things like liaising with my editor and designers to achieve the best results, giving tips, reassurance and patience when I second questioned layouts, last min additions and subtractions – I_AM Self-Publishing exceeded my expectations, no wonder they came so highly recommended by many. What’s more- the affordability came second to none. THANKYOU!‘ Leanne Pero

Find out about her book below:

Take Control-px

18-30 year olds are you ready to stand up and Take Control of your life? Are you ready to stop living up to society’s ideologies and expectations of how you should look, think and act, what you should buy and ultimately how you should live YOUR life? Are you ready to clear out the closet and confront the things that have been bothering you, making you feel bad about yourself and fear what you can achieve? Are you ready to begin a life journey of self-love and finally live the amazing life that you deserve, free from guilt, shame, anger and depression? Well it’s time for you to take a closer step towards that journey with a little help from me… I wrote this book as part of my therapy when I was going through a serious bout of depression. Time to wise up, get clear and Take Control. No I’m not a celebrity, motivational speaker, life coach or self-help guru for that matter but I am a real person with a real story and solutions that worked for me that I am now ready to share with you, I hope you can relate…

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“The motto at I Am Self-Publishing seemed to be 'we want to get this right for you' and they did just that.”
~ Jo Mach, editor of Finding My Way books

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