We were there when eBooks first came onto the UK market and keep our fingers on the pulse of this rapidly changing technology. Our geeks eat, sleep and dream HTML. They are the first to know about any new technology to enter the eBook market.

We convert all kinds of written work to eBook format, from plain text novels to highly illustrated books. We can even embed audio and video content. All we need to get started is your work.

We convert to the standard formats of ePub and mobi (which is Amazon’s preferred format). Then we validate the files to check they meet the latest industry standards and test the files on many different devices so we know exactly what the reader experience will be. Our geeks seek out glitches so that your readers never have to see them.

If you have not got any files of your work, we can work from physical copies of your book. In this case, we scan in the pages and run them through Optical Character Recognition software to create an editable Word document. This document needs to be proofread as a computer can get confused between a capital I, an exclamation mark and a number one, for example. Contact us to find out more.[ssba_hide]