If I Was

eBooks / republishing


Midge Ure, Ultravox band member, approached us to create an updated, cutting-edge digital edition of his biography, If I Was. He wanted it to be a collaboration with his fans and invited them to submit photos to illustrate it. He also liked the idea of recording a short introductory video to be embedded at the beginning of the eBook, as well as linking to YouTube videos of specific performances mentioned in the book, so that the reader could relive the experience as he told his story.


Once we had all the new content (new chapters, new pictures, new video content and YouTube links), we had to add each element at the most appropriate chapter in the text. We then had to assess the best way of formatting the content so that it looked great on a variety of eReaders, whilst keeping the file size low so that the more complicated elements were not slow to load. Some of the old fan photos were not the best quality and needed sharpening up and cropping before they could be used.


A cutting-edge digital edition that embraced all the technology available. We partnered with Kobo for an exclusive limited edition, which contained a Kobo-specific welcome video explaining Kobo’s social media integration and how fans could comment on passages of the eBook via their Facebook accounts to share memories, etc.

Buy a copy of the Kobo special edition of If I Was here.