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Judith Summers

republishing / design / eBooks


Judith Summers wanted to make the most of her commercial backlist, which was a mixture of different styles.  She had previously attempted to turn her paperbacks into eBooks using DIY self-publishing tools, but was incredibly frustrated with the conversion process and ultimately disappointed in her sales.


We needed to give the dated book covers a complete rebrand, push them out to a totally new audience and get retailers excited about them again. The books were very different, in different genres and appealed to different readers, yet we needed to create some continuity across the jackets.


Three unique, but modern and elegant cover designs and a new revenue stream for the author. We managed to get Dear Sister included in Amazon’s 100 under £2.99 promotion and in one month sales reached over 14,000 units. The title also achieved some excellent chart positions: No.1 of Amazon’s Historical Fiction chart, No.1 of Amazon’s Jewish Fiction chart and No. 26 of the Paid Kindle Top 100.

Twenty-eight years after it was first published, Dear Sister was No.1 on Amazon’s Historical Fiction chart… I’ve now probably sold more downloads of my first novel than I ever did hard copies.” – Judith Summers

To see an example of the original jackets before we redesigned them, click here.