The Gentle Art of Domesticity

eBooks / republishing


Jane Brocket came to us wanting to republish The Gentle Art of Domesticity as an eBook.


The original glossy hardback book was gorgeous – both in terms of the careful page layouts and the rich photographs – and we needed to create a digital equivalent. Also, as the book was about domestic crafts, we needed to keep that homely feel whilst transitioning to digital. As the images had been precisely placed in the hardback so that the description and illustration of each project appeared next to each other, we originally tried fixed-layout conversion. Unfortunately, this resulted in some of the images being very small when read on smartphones. We then settled on reflowable ePub, which meant that we had to alter the layout of the text and pictures, as this gave a better reader experience.


A beautiful eBook that closely reflects the layout of the original print book without losing any of the vibrancy of the images.

Buy the stunning iPad edition here.

See some of her striking images on Instagram here or check out her blog here.