Republishing Paperbacks As eBooks

We work with lots of authors who have been traditionally published in the past. Often they have had a paperback published by a major publisher some years ago and are looking for a cost-effective but professional way to bring that content to a new market. Some of these authors have never had their work available as eBooks before and are new to the whole process. We make it as easy as possible for them to monetize their older work.

Sometimes these authors do not have digital files of their work, as these may have been lost along the way or kept by the previous publishers. In these cases, we scan the hard copy of the book using state of the art high-speed scanners. These scanners effectively take a photo of each page that passes through their plates and saves each one as a PDF. We then run this PDFs through some special software to create a Word document. This software is called Optical Character Recognition or OCR. Basically, the computer looks at each character and decides what letter, number or symbol it is. Now, as you know, computers are pretty smart, but they can get confused between similar looking characters such as a number one, a capital “i” and an exclamation mark. For this reason, the Word output needs to be thoroughly read by a human proofreader.

Whilst this process is underway, our design team work on a complete rebrand of the book. This will involve looking at trends within the book’s genre chart and researching the design styles of the sorts of books that the re-edition will be competing with.

Once the text and jacket are both finalised, we can create the eBook and get the book in front of a new readership.

To see specific examples of this check out our portfolio.

Here’s what one of our authors, Judith Summers has to say about republishing her work with us: “Twenty-eight years after it was first published, Dear Sister was no.1 on Amazon’s Historical Fiction chart… I’ve now probably sold more downloads of my first novel than I ever did hard copies.”

See below for some examples of rebranded cover designs:

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