Top 5 Self-Publishing Golden Rules

FIVE copyThere are lots of different ways you can self-publish. Some authors will organise and manage everything themselves, whilst others will enlist professional help to get the job done properly. However you decide to self-publish, these top 5 rules will help you avoid expensive mistakes and ensure you give your book the best chance.

Whatever you publish and however you do it make sure that:

  1. You are CONFIDENT in your content: Make sure your manuscript is the best it can be. Get it edited and proofread to improve your writing, tidy up the text and avoid sloppy errors that reviewers hate.
  2. Your book/eBook LOOKS great: When people pick up your book or see your cover on a retail site, it needs to look at least as good as your competitors’. The same goes for your website and anywhere else that you are vying for potential customers’ attention.
  3. Your work is AVAILABLE where it needs to be: Think about your target readers (who they are, where they are and what format they prefer) before deciding whether to publish an eBook, physical book or both, and how best to distribute it.
  4. You can  SELL your work succinctly: Your blurb, product description, press release and online copy must be tight and to the point. You need to quickly make a strong impression to everyone from browsing readers to busy journalists.
  5. You create a marketing plan BEFORE publishing: Do not rush it or leave it to the last minute – there is a lot to do and much of it will be new to you, so allow yourself time to learn and understand this part of the process and plan within your capabilities.


Take these pointers on board and you should avoid the major self-publishing pitfalls. Good luck!

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