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We have just helped Adele M Lim to self-publish Live Your Whole Capacity in both eBook and paperback. A lot goes in to the publishing and production of any eBook or paperback – from proofreading, to design, to making the works available for sale. However, before we even started on this project, Adele had already spent many months writing and perfecting her manuscript. Below, she shares her top tips for finishing your book. Controversially, she found she got more done when she ditched the deadline.

Adele’s top tips for finishing your book

Finding the Time to Write

Adele M LimLike most authors, my two main struggles with writing is first, finding a long enough chunk of time to write, and secondly, to get into the flow during that scheduled time.

Getting into the flow requires that I have a certain momentum behind me. I realised that there are situations where deadlines and timelines may not necessarily serve, such as during the creative process. The day I gave up working towards an arbitrary deadline set with a planning head, a path opened up for me to tap into forces greater than I.

My top 3 tips for finishing your book: 

  1. Don’t worry about changing the skeleton structure mid-way. You are likely to find that you can write faster when the skeleton has evolved to match your current level of thought.
  2. Don’t get stressed about feeling stuck or getting writer’s block. If you feel stuck for longer than a day, relax and get your expectations out of your head. Find space between your thoughts, quiet your mind and breathe.
  3. Should any new ideas arrive, outside of your skeleton structure, that inspire you to write, simply write. Whether this is a sentence, a paragraph or a full chapter, when you receive a stream of energy, go with the flow. There is plenty of time later to play with how everything fits.

Ditch the deadline

Of course, finishing your book is not going to be easy. There will be unexpected obstacles and hold-ups along the way. It’s part of any creative process so you need to embrace these rather than get stressed or worried by them. Things change and evolve as you write, so be flexible and open to adapting your original plan. Most of all enjoy the process. It took me 6 months to write my first non-fiction book, Live Your Whole Capacity. It takes time to be totally happy with the structure and feel like I had done the best job to my capacity. And although it was challenging at times, I really love expressing and sharing my ideas with my readers.

About my book: Live Your Whole Capacity

I wrote my book because I wanted readers to discover how they can develop their whole capacity and live fully the life they are in alignment with, in their own unique way. I wanted readers to get a sense for what holds them stuck and discover ways they can help themselves return to their own empowered place of choice and creation. My intention is to open dialogues that can generate enabling structures for meaningful change in a person’s life. My hope is that we learn to tap into our own inner guidance and can act from a place of awareness and free agency as often as we can, to realise greater possibilities for ourselves and others than we would otherwise.

What inspired me to write Live Your Whole Capacity is threefold:

  1. I experienced and noticed how an energetic shift can totally change a person’s trajectory in life.
  2. I realised that many people can live a more satisfying life, if they allow themselves to.
  3. The world is a very different place if we are self-responsible and self-regulating of our emotions.

In a nutshell, my book is about honouring and embracing all our identities… Every single aspect of them: those we attach to, those we reject, or those that we are ambivalent about. Whole Capacity is about allowing ourselves to make new choices through expanded sensing, to choose deeply and follow through on what one needs to manifest. Based on fresh data and new choices that are being revealed from living our Whole Capacity.

My book was released a few weeks ago, and is already getting great 5 star reviews on Amazon.
I am so grateful I found I_AM. Ali and Leila were on the ball, professional, caring and passionate about helping independent authors. I received much positive feedback about my book cover as well!

Download your free Kindle sample or buy the book on Amazon here!

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