Simple, Time and Cost Effective
Marketing for Authors

Use the T.R.A.C.K. author marketing system to build and execute

the perfect marketing plan for any book.

So, what exactly is the

T.R.A.C.K. System?

Authors often end up WASTING $1,000s of their budget and months of their life on ineffective marketing that doesn't result in book sales. Largely because they aren't focused on their readers needs/wants and they lack a structured approach. The T.R.A.C.K. author marketing system is a self-study online course that shows you step-by-step how to create and execute a bulletproof marketing plan that will be irresistible to your readers and work around your budget and schedule. Scroll down for the full course curriculum. T.R.A.C.K focuses on the 5 main areas of marketing: Target, Route, Attract, Convert and Keep.

What Makes T.R.A.C.K. the

Best Author Marketing Course?

It is NOT "One-size-fits all"

You are at the heart of the TRACK system. It’s driven by what will actually work for YOU and YOUR readers. Although the techniques and strategies are universal, the marketing plans produced are unique.

You'll learn by doing

There are exercises for you to complete at every stage which enables you to bring context from the course material to your specific project.

The perfect example

I know how useful it is to see real-life examples. It's a great way to learn. The T.R.A.C.K. system is stuffed like a Christmas turkey with a truckload of examples.

Expert insights

Get access to top marketing and publishing experts. Gain invaluable advice and insider tips throughout the course from the best in the biz.

100% risk free 

​We are so confident you’ll be able to use the T.R.A.C.K. system to boost your sales, we’ll give you your money back if it doesn’t work for you.

Gain a skill for life

You can apply the T.R.A.C.K. system to any book (or eBook, audiobook, information product, etc.) you publish. It works for all genres. Plus, you'll have lifetime access to the course and materials.




How it Works

Mobile & tablet friendly

We use the Teachable platform to deliver the course which means it can be viewed online or downloaded to your mobile device and watched on the go and when your offline. Whatever works for you!

Revisit and review as much as you like

The materials are yours to keep for life. So whenever you need to refresh your memory, it'll be there.

Work at your own pace

You can take weeks to slowly take all the material in, or attack it all over a weekend in a Netflix-style binge.

Ongoing support

Within the course, you can ask questions to Ali privately or post a comment under any of the lessons. There is also a private group where you can connect with other authors for peer feedback, plus I will also do a live, weekly Q&A. This is a self-study program but you'll be far from alone

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

I would say they are an author’s best marketing ally.

“Working with I Am Self-Publishing has been an educative and enjoyable experience. Ali work more as partners rather than suppliers. I was particularly impressed with their project management process and learned marketing advice. I would say they are an author’s best marketing ally.”

Self-published author of Curiosity Killed the Craving
Meet Your Instructor

Named by Smith & Williamson on their 2017 Power 100 list for supporting the entrepreneurial community in the UK, Ali’s mission is always about helping authors and entrepreneurs (self-published authors ARE entrepreneurs) achieve their potential.

Ali gained a commercial perspective working for a global magazine publisher in sales and marketing before co-founding award-winning Acorn Independent Press and I_Am Self-Publishing with his sister, Leila. The brother and sister duo have spent the last 7 years working with authors through the rapidly evolving landscape of self-publishing. Although the market may have seen a lot of changes in that time, the fundamentals of what it takes to become a successful author are still the same. Tools and techniques come and go but the blueprint is still the same.

Books I worked on have been featured in... 

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Being a publisher puts me in a unique position to see real world data from hundreds of book launches. We’ve published titles in all genres and know what it takes for a book to succeed, but at the same time, we also see authors make the same avoidable mistakes time and time again."

Learn From The Experts

I have drafted in some incredible people from across the world of marketing, advertising and publishing to drop some additional, expert knowledge and insider tips throughout the course.
Andrew Lowe

Journalist (Total Film); digital strategist (Vogue, GQ and Vanity Fair), self-published author and editor

Ian Sutherland

Founder of Author Platform Sidekick. Author of Advanced Twitter Marketing Strategies for Authors and the Brody Taylor crime fiction series

Justine Solomons

Author and founder of writing and publishing collective, Byte the Book

Laura Summers

Co-founder of publishing community, BookMachine and head of marketing at YUDU (leading content delivery firm)

Eddy Lawrence

Journalist and copywriter (Guardian, TimeOut, NME, Marie Claire)

Sara Robinson

Book review expert from

Todd Zuniga

Founder of Literary Death Match

Jackie Barrie

Speaker, copywriter and author of The Little Fish Guide business books

Jon Reed

Social media trainer and author of Get Up To Speed With Online Marketing

Jonny Ewles

Head of social strategy at top London advertising agency, VCCP

Tom Szekeres

Founder of digital marketing agency, This Here

Jen Campbell

Bookseller, booktuber and bestselling author of Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops

What's Inside The T.R.A.C.K Course?

The T.R.A.C.K course is split into SIX modules one for each component of the T.R.A.C.K model and then a bonus module giving you all of the keys to continued success!
1. Target

We start with your readers. Before we do ANY marketing we need to identify the wonderful people that will become your loyal tribe! 

  • Introduction to targeting and profiling
  • Identify the key, most marketable factors of your book
  • Analyse your market and competition
  • Create profiles of your ideal readers
  • Discover the 100 people who can help you the most
2. Route

We need to map out a nice clear route for your target readers they can walk right into your warm literary embrace! 

  • An introduction to sales funnels for authors
  • Learn how to use digital marketing to sell books on autopilot
  • An introduction to landing pages and autoresponders
  • Direct to retailer and offline routes to your book.
  • Incorporating other services and products
3. Attract

Now we take a look at where and how we can find your perfect readers so we can get them to start the route to your book.

  •  Content marketing and blogging
  • The role of social media for an author
  • How to decide where to advertise and promote your book
  • How to pitch to the media and bookshops
  • Use events to sell more books


4. Convert

Now we are SO close - they are in the palm of your hand! We just need to use all the tricks available to close the deal and gain a happy reader!!

  • Defining your brand and voice
  • Author platform makeover
  • Craft an irresistible book description
  • Keywords and categories
  • How to gain tons of AMAZING reviews
  • eMail marketing part 1: get the first date
  • Killer SALES copywriting
5. Keep

Time to future-proof  your career as an author by making sure we keep your hard earned readers close and turn them into RAVING FANS!

  • How to build your email list with the perfect "lead magnet" for your readers
  • Deliver value by the bucketload
  • eMail marketing part 2: relationship building
  • Keep your list HOT by using STORYTELLING in your copy 
6. Continued Success

​Now we consolidate everything that you have learned into a structured and manageable plan

  • Goal setting
  • Managing your budget
  • Productivity hacks to save you time
  •  Scheduling your approach and building your marketing calender
  • Keeping track of and reviewing your progress



Worth of Bonuses!!

To make sure you really get the most out of the T.R.A.C.K. system and get your book sales flying,

I'm including a load of bonuses to get you there!

T.R.A.C.K. Super Early Bird Discount
Value $300

The T.R.A.C.K course will be officially opening on July 16th. This super early bird discount rate is ONLY AVAILABLE until 30th June. The price will then be going up to $397, and then after we launch on 16th July the course will be $497. Don't miss out on this HUGE discount.


Access to a private Facebook Group
Value $47

In this private Facebook group you can connect with other students for peer-to-peer feedback. I am a member of a number of Facebook groups myself for courses, software platforms, marketing societies and mentoring programs, which are incredibly beneficial. Writing and marketing a book can be quite a lonely journey at times. Taking those steps with others who are in the same boat as you, and being able to offer support and share experiences is incredibly motivating. This is why it is so important to me to provide you guys with a community.


Weekly Q&A session with me
Value $1,800

I will be answering comments that you guys submit to me, plus I will do live critiques of specific marketing activities for those brave enough to volunteer. When I work one-on-one with an authors for consultations, I charge a minimum of $150 for an hour's session. The Friday Q&A sessions will be at least 15 minutes long (depending on the volume and variety of the questions), so if you tune in to every one of them that is the equivalent to $1,800 of my consultancy time per year. You can ask me any question relating to your book marketing!


Set-Up and How-To Guides for Essential Author Tools and Platforms
Value $97

  • Get started with Twitter
  • Create a Facebook Author Fan Page (different to a personal profile)
  • Set up Goodreads as an author to unlock extra marketing features
  • Create an Amazon Author Page to impress potential readers
  • Use Canva to create professional graphics in minutes
  • Make your website and blog posts easy to discover and search engine friendly with YOAST


£50 discount voucher with I Am Self-Publishing
Value £50

Valid on ANY of I Am Self-Publishing's author services over the value of $250. Valid for 12 months, just in case you need anything done – from designing a new cover to editing and proofreading, or even some 1:1 consultancy for advice and feedback on your project and marketing.  

​How did T.R.A.C.K. come about?

Having guided lots of authors through the self-publishing process, I know that getting a good book on sale is only half the battle. It’s driving sales that really counts. I’ve worked with big brands with huge budgets, but individual authors don’t usually have those kind of resources. Although they still need the same sort of marketing help, if not more.

Marketing, advertising and PR agencies charge a lot of money and will generally only yield results for as long as you pay for them. I believe authors need a more affordable, longer-term strategy. I knew the solution was to educate authors about book marketing to give their book sales and careers as authors longevity.

Initially, I offered consultancy, sitting down with authors and building a marketing plan with them, but I found that demand was too high for me to be able to help every author. Plus, those plans could only be executed fully if authors also spent time filling their skills gaps. They needed more training than I could offer in an hour or two-hour session. I wanted to find a more time and cost effective way to help more authors sell more books, and I knew that giving authors the skills they need to do it themselves was the answer.

The seeds were planted in 2016, when I started offering marketing training workshops and webinars. These were received very enthusiastically, but there is a limit to how much you can teach in just one session. So I decided to build out a more comprehensive, A-Z training programme that would hand authors powerful skills to create every bulletproof book marketing plan they would ever need, for the rest of their author career.


We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Our hope is that you’re beyond satisfied with the course and we also expect you to give your very best effort to implementing the strategies. 

That’s why, in order to be eligible for our 30-day Money Back Guarantee, you must submit proof that you did all the coursework in that time and that it did not work for you. 

We are here for you and want to keep in touch and support you as you grow. If you do struggle with any aspect of the course, just leave a comment under that section or submit a query to us and we will do our best to help you. We know this works and we want it to work for you too, but we can only help if you ask.

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

I was fortunate to have discovered I_AM Self Publishing and consider their services as worth every penny I paid for them.

"Becoming a self-published author is not that different from becoming an entrepreneur or a small business owner. First you follow your heart and do the thing you love (write that book), then you find you have to learn to do things that take you out of your comfort zone (like marketing and self-promotion) that are necessary if you are to make a success of the one thing you do love, your book. I was fortunate to have discovered I AM Self-Publishing and consider their services as worth every penny I paid for them."

Self-Published author of Leading Ladies


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

As well as being an author, I work full time and don’t know if I have the time to make this work

I’m a writer, not a techie

I'm an introvert

How do I get a refund? 

I don't have a big budget to throw at my marketing, so can I really expect to see results?

I'm not interested in social media

I'm not very well connected

I don't know if I'm ready for TRACK