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Ruth Livingstone is truly an inspiration. In her mid-fifties, she realised that although she gave people advice about health and exercise in her role as a doctor, she had actually become too inactive herself. This is easily done when juggling family and work life, but she decided things had to change. Amazingly, she discovered her love of walking, and coastal walking in particular. Spurred on by her enjoyment and looking for a significant challenge, she set about walking the entire length of the English coast.

She started a blog (www.coastalwalker.co.uk) to detail her progress and share her walking experiences. Her blog became so popular that she realised there was a real demand for accessible advice and information for beginners. So she began writing the book she wished she had read before she started, covering everything from map reading to blisters. We helped her organise and structure her ideas so that the book reads smoothly. We also proofread the text and created beautiful page layouts containing gorgeous colour photos, maps, diagrams, inspirational quotes, instructions and more.


“I wanted my book to read well and to look wonderful too. The editors at I_AM Self-Publishing helped me improve the text and created a great layout for the book – with photographs, highlighted boxes and a series of Top Tips. It was great to bounce ideas around and to have their professional help with the project.” Ruth Livingstone


Walking the English Coast

Ruth Livingstone was a busy 54-year-old GP who suddenly realised that, after years of dispensing advice on physical activity, she had turned into a couch potato. Feeling hypocritical, she decided it was time to get active. Walking seemed the easiest option – it was something she could already do. In fact, she found she loved it so much that, to the shock of her friends and family, in 2010, she set out to walk all 5,500 miles of the British Coast.

Here she shares how to approach and plan a coastal walk in England – covering everything you need to know, from how to read maps and interpret signs, to what (not) to carry, and even how to avoid the dreaded blisters. This comprehensive illustrated guide, packed with practical tips and personal anecdotes, will give you the confidence to have a go at your own walking challenge, big or small.

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  • PAUL SENNETT says:

    awesome read.. so well written and easy to follow. Her blog called Ruth’s Coastal Walk is incredible.. we follow her walks religiously

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