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At I_AM Self-Publishing we want to share our industry insight, experience and expertise with you. Our team have gained knowledge throughout the publishing industry, and want to use their know-how to teach you how to get self-publishing right and help you to really understand the process. This blog will show you what it takes to self-publish successfully, share hints and tips to make your writing and self-publishing life easier and give you the latest industry news. Being based in London, we go to events, seminars, and talks by leading publishing and media experts every month and report what we have learnt back to you. We update this blog every few days so this is an ever-expanding resource. Make sure you come back to check us regularly.

There are many aspects of self-publishing, and we try to cover all of them in this blog. To find an article on a specific element of self-publishing, search through the categories on the right-hand side of this page. If there is a particular topic that you would like to see covered or explained in more detail, please contact us with your suggestion. If you are looking for a brief overview of the whole self-publishing process then our free guide is a great place to start.

Want to Know the Secrets to BESTSELLER SUCCESS?

“The motto at I Am Self-Publishing seemed to be 'we want to get this right for you' and they did just that.”
~ Jo Mach, editor of Finding My Way books

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