What is an ISBN?

What isISBNs can be tricky and authors often come to us with a lot of questions about them. What is it exactly? Why do I need it? Where do I buy it? In the following post we’ve listed a few of these frequently asked questions, just so you know what you’re getting yourself into when publishing your book!
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What is an ISBN?

What is an International Standard Book Number?
If an ISBN is assigned in another country, do I need to get a UK ISBN to sell the book in the UK?

Why do I need an ISBN?

Can I sell a self-published book/eBook online without an ISBN number?
Do I have to buy an ISBN or can I be assigned them?
Do ISBNs have to be assigned to books that are not being sold?
Do I need different ISBN’s for different formats? (paperback, eBook)

What does an ISBN look like?

Where does an ISBN get placed on a book?
What is the difference between a bar code and an ISBN?

Where do I buy and ISBN from?

Where do I buy an ISBN from if I live in the UK/US?
Can an ISBN be reused?

When do you need a new ISBN?

When do you?
When don't you?
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