Why Choose Us?

Self-publishing can seem overwhelming to a new author because:

  • There’s a lot to get right.
  • It’s confusing to know where to start or what you need.
  • With more and more books and eBooks being published every day, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd.
  • It’s difficult to succeed without a solid marketing plan for your book or eBook.
  • You need to make self-publishing work financially and protect as much of your profit as possible.

Why Self-Publish with I_AM Self-Publishing?

You’ll look great

We give you a slick, professional author brand. We have everything covered, from the look and feel of your book, to the design of your website or social media profiles. You can be sure that you will make a strong first impression with readers, reviewers, bookshops and more.

Hassle free

There are many parts to the publishing process, and it can seem overwhelming at first. With us, self-publishing does not mean going it alone; it means working with a team of experienced publishing experts that can guide you through and offer advice, as well as handle the tricky bits for you.

You keep 100% royalties

Unlike most self-publishing companies, we don’t take a cut of your sales. You keep everything. We focus on getting your work to market in the most professional manner possible. Once your title is live, you take control of your sales dashboards. This means you can order copies at cost and check your latest sales stats whenever you like. You simply get paid by the retailers and distributors at the end of every month. For more information, visit our book distribution blog post.


We know that no two authors are the same, and we tailor the publishing process to your needs. We like to meet authors for a coffee (or Skype if they are overseas) at the very beginning of the process, so we can be sure we understand their work and what they really need, before putting a personalised self-publishing proposal together. Book in for your free, no obligation 1:1 below to find out how we can help you publish your book or eBook.

We teach you

A lot of self-publishers focus purely on making a good product, but that is not enough. There are plenty of amazing books that no one has ever heard about. This is why we teach you how to market your book successfully. Having gone to the effort of creating a beautiful book or eBook for you, we want it to reach as many readers as possible.

We devised our practical online book marketing course with industry experts, distilling a wealth of knowledge into easily accessible, bite-sized chunks. You will learn how to build and execute a book marketing plan from scratch – covering everything from defining and reaching your target audience to building a media hit-list, planning events, building an online platform and more… You will also have a one-hour marketing consultation with our expert, Ali Dewji, where he will give feedback, offer advice, and answer any questions you may have about marketing your book.

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