Writers'-&-Artists'-YearbookIf you are a writer, you should already know what a wonderful resource The Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook is. It has earned its stripes as a true bible of the industry and there has been a copy on my shelf throughout my publishing career. It is a go-to resource for any writer at any stage of their career. Here’s why:

When you have just finished writing

When you’re near the end of polishing your manuscript, you will start to think about where to send the finished article. The The Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook has contact details of all the publishers, editors, literary agents and of course self-publishing companies that matter. Draw up a shortlist, do a bit of research on each company and writer a personal approach directly to the person you want to reach in each case.

When you will shortly be published

You can use the The Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook  to find contact details for editors and journalists at all the major magazines and newspapers, as well as special interest publications.

After you have been published

When you are looking to gain some recognition for your work, you can go through the extensive list of literary prizes. Even being shortlisted for a prize is great publicity for your book, and something to boast about on your Amazon product page. It is worth putting the research time in to see which prizes look the best for you and check the submission guidelines and deadlines.  Also, don’t forget that prizes that are based outside the UK often accept submissions from UK authors.

You can also use The Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook to find out about literary festivals. Compile a list of those most local to you and have a look at their website to see what they scheduled at their last event. See if there is a gap you can fill and pitch an event.

Aside from the annual publication of The Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook, they have a regularly updated website with a fantastic self-publishing section. There you can find authors of all genres explaining why and how they self-published and offering you the benefit of their own experiences. You can learn from Kindle bestsellers such as Hugh Howey and writers who have both been traditionally published and self-published discussing both experiences. You can also clue yourself up on all aspects of the self-publishing process with articles from industry insiders covering everything from jacket design to editing and production.I_AM Self-Publishing for Writers' & Artists'

We are very excited to announce a series of blog posts that we have created exclusively for their website. Our first blog post: Self-Publishing: Changing Your Mindset from Author to Publisher highlights how and why authors need to change their mindset when they start thinking about self-publishing in order to tackle publishing decisions in the same manor that the big trade publishers do. Read the full article here.



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