Free writers' resource pack

This pack contains these quick and easy tools to improve your writing

>> 25+ inspirational writing prompts to get your creative juices flowing

>> Our list of commonly misused words to clean up your manuscript

>> Our beta reader questionnaire to make sure you get good quality constructive feedback

Write better fiction

Our FREE writers' resources will help you smash through writers block, eliminate common errors and get extremely valuable feedback on your work.

Use the writing prompts as little warm-up exercises before you sit down to write to loosen up. Also, use them as opportunities to try out styles that you would never normally. Have fun with it!

Use the list of misused words to do global searches in your manuscript to make sure you have the correct meaning in each case. You would be amazed how easy it is for little gremlins to slip in.

Use our readers' feedback questionnaire to make sure you get constructive criticism which let’s you know which parts of the story are not working well enough so you know where to spend your time and energy.